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English Language Courses to Develop Core Skills


Our programmes maximise every opportunity for improving your English.

Through active classes, team-work and a range of engaging topics, you'll develop accuracy, fluency and confidence, helping you to communicate naturally.

Our multinational classes encourage you to speak English all the time and you will be able to improve your colloquial English with our English student hosts!

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Our programmes maximise every opportunity for improving your English.

Our multinational classes encourage you to speak English all the time

Through active classes, team-work and a range of engaging topics...

you'll develop accuracy, fluency and confidence, helping you to communicate naturally.

Topic-based classes help you develop core skills - with emphasis on spoken English

Spending time with our English Student Hosts will help you to...

improve your pronunciation & intonation


English & Multi-Activity

Radley, Marymount, Shrewsbury, Winchester

See below for levels offered at each centre.

  • Based on the Trinity GESE/CEFR, our English courses are designed for all levels.
  • English Skills: Develop core skills as you communicate effectively in spoken and written English.
  • English Workshops: Work in teams and think creatively. Build confidence through interactive projects and presentations.
  • Active English: (Shrewsbury) Local study trips with your teacher - learn about history and culture as you interact with local people.

Coding & Tech Academy

Sports/Dance Academy


Grow in confidence as you try something new or take your skills to the next level - in English - in your academy option.

Learn vocabulary and expressions linked to your academy choice.

Become a better communicator and make new friends with people who share your interests.

English Skills and English Workshop classes take place in the afternoons.

Global Young Leaders


For those with an intermediate to advanced level of English.

Each week you will study English, STEM, Young Entrepreneur and Presentation Skills.

Boost your leadership skills through collaboration, problem-solving and critical thinking.

Study trips with your teacher enrich your understanding of British history and culture.



A programme for advanced level students combining theory and practice to help prepare for future university and career choices.

Choose a Major and Minor each week e.g. Business & Economics, International Relations, Technology & AI

Elective Masterclasses broaden your interests and academic horizons.

Prepare for and/or take the IELTS exam (optional)


Whichever course you choose next summer, you'll be developing key 21st century life skills; preparing for academic and personal success



Presentation skills

Critical thinking



CEFR English levels and exam equivalents

EXAMS (Optional and at extra cost)

IELTS preparation

(Winchester only)

  • Select our interactive IELTS Major/Minor (Weeks 1 and 2)
  • Exam is optional (18 July or 1 August 2024). Approx. £250 (including exam fee and travel expenses)
  • Develop effective exam technique, enhance your essay writing skills and express yourself in an academic context
  • Our experienced IELTS teacher guides and supports you, giving detailed and personalised feedback.

Trinity Graded Exam in Spoken English (GESE)

Marymount, Radley, Shrewsbury, Winchester English & Multi-Activity

Optional and subject to availability. Cost: £120

  • Improve your confidence to gain an internationally-recognised certificate
  • This oral exam is offered at 12 levels (NB due to the complex topics involved, exams at level 8 and above may not be suitable for our very young learners)
  • Your Director of Studies will decide which level you take
  • Preparation classes are given for one week before the exam, in place of either English Skills or English Workshop classes
  • In 2023, our students achieved impressive results - 100% pass rate.
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On arrival, you will be given a written and verbal test and placed into a class appropriate to your age and level.

If you are unsure of your level, complete our quick online 'level check'. Our Head Office team will then advise which course is suited to you.


We hope you will share your experience with friends and family!

You will take home:

  • An academic folder with examples of your work
  • An academic report
  • Discovery Summer certificate
  • A course photo.
Lots of opportunities to
experience British culture and speak English with our English Student Hosts!


British Culture

There are so many opportunities to explore British culture in and outside the classroom.

You might be researching British kings and queens in your English skills class, designing and building a London landmark in your English workshops and visiting an iconic location on your excursion.

Find out more about exploring British Culture with Discovery Summer


Student Hosts

Spending time with our English Student Hosts will help you to:

  • Confidently use colloquial language, expressions, idioms and vocabulary
  • Become familiar with different accents, dialects and regional varieties of English and improve your listening skills
  • Improve your pronunciation & intonation
  • Understand more about British history & culture


This popular programme, offered at four residential centres, combines English lessons with a wide range of activities. The teaching programme is split between

English Skills

English Workshops


  • Topic-based classes (e.g. design a tiny house, modern explorers, travel story podcasts, myths & legends) help develop core skills (e.g. in using grammar, reading, writing, listening, and building confidence - with emphasis on spoken English)
  • Lessons are designed to challenge, inspire and help you communicate effectively
  • Our syllabus is based on Trinity GESE/CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) and our creative, experienced teachers bring it to life!
  • Our maximum class size is 12* international students (Shrewsbury, Radley, Marymount, Winchester English & Multi-Activity)

*In exceptional cases, in order to place students at their correct level, maximum class size may be exceeded.


In these fun, task-based sessions you will explore new topic areas and build confidence in important life skills for the 21st Century, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, teamwork and decision-making.

Workshop topics vary week to week. Choose a workshop that most interests you e.g. British culture, debate, survival skills, portrait painting and more!

Radley students follow the Global Minds programme

Examples of typical English Workshops:

Use your English skills for research, discussion, collaboration and creative activities.


Research British etiquette and work as a team to create a typical British afternoon tea:

  • Collaborate with your classmates and improve your presentation skills
  • Discuss traditions around the world and share your ideas
  • Use a range of questions to gather information.
British Culture


Look at different survival techniques and research amazing survival stories before putting your new skills to the test:

  • Improve your collaboration skills
  • Develop your engineering abilities to build a shelter
  • Learn how to be resourceful in the wild.

Survival Skills


Learn about different styles of portraiture:

  • Use relevant vocabulary to discuss artistic styles
  • Research a famous artist and their portraits
  • Create your own portrait and share your ideas.



Research current affairs and work with your classmates to create a persuasive argument:

  • Learn to present a point of view
  • Use persuasive language to convince others
  • Improve your communication skills.



Work with your friends and develop your creativity to design a game:

  • Use and develop your problem-solving skills
  • Expand your technical vocabulary
  • Discuss and research different types of games around the world.
Game Design


Write a story, design your set and characters, and bring it all to life with a camera:

  • Use practical English as you work in a team
  • Learn how to use new apps and programmes
  • Discuss what makes a great animation.
Stop Motion Animation


Numerous opportunities to present your project work to the whole school and guests. This is an invaluable opportunity to develop your confidence, improve your public speaking and perfect your presentation skills.

Radley Presentation
Marymount Presentation
Global Young Leaders Presentation
Marymount Presentation


Noemie, France

I'm so grateful to have experienced the UK for the first time with Discovery Summer. Discovery Summer is a great way to discover new subjects and new people from all over the world. Also, it's a great way to learn English as you spend most of your time speaking it. See you next year Discovery Summer!

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