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Each summer we are proud to welcome back a large percentage of our staff and students. Here are some of their comments as to what makes Discovery Summer so special.

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  • Radley Student: 2015
    I heard about Discovery Summer from a friend and she said it was so good that I decided to come. The campus is really impressive, the facilities are great and I cannot believe how much my spoken English has improved - I feel much more confident when I speak now. I definitely want to come again. My favourite excursion was to Bath - it was such an interesting place and I loved learning a bit more about British history and culture.

    Isabella, Germany

  • Winchester Art/Animation AL: 2015-2016
    Marymount Activity Leader: 2017
    Discovery Summer gave me the greatest opportunity to plan, share and deliver my passion for the arts to classes of students staying with us from all over the world. It has been so enriching to give knowledge and for it to be received and worked on. Working at Discovery Summer has created amazing and unique memories and skills for myself that I take into my learning at university but also memories that our students will take home with them.

    Bella, UK

  • Radley Student: 2015
    I love Discovery Summer because you can make so many new friends from so many different countries. The excursion to London, to see the West End show 'Stomp', was amazing; it is my best memory!

    Nikolay, Bulgaria

  • Radley Student: 2015
    Discovery Summer is not just a summer school - it is like meeting a new family! Before I came here, I was worried I would miss my family back at home but I haven't been sad once as everyone is so warm and welcoming and we have so much fun every day it is hard to be sad. In my friendship group, I have friends from over 10 different countries and we are going to visit each other after here.

    Ece, Turkey

  • Family London Student: 2016
    Our whole family enjoy studying at Collingham. My teacher was so knowledgeable and the classes were fun. I really like the location. You can walk from Hyde Park. I chose it because the whole family can study together. I came here with my 3 boys. This year we are doing 3 weeks. I hope I can stay for 5-6 weeks in the future. My boys are very happy. I really like Gary's classes.

    Antonio, Italy

  • Family London Student: 2013, 2015, 2016
    I think the best thing about Collingham is that you make friends and you learn English at same time! Another thing that I like it very much is my teacher, I learn a lot of English with her but at the same time her classes are very funny :) I like very much this school, is the fourth year that I go to this school and I love it! It's very cool, because you make a lot of friends and you learn English! Thank you :)

    Helena, Spain

  • Family London Students: 2016
    I extended my stay for one week more because I really enjoyed the class and the program, the people and all the atmosphere here so it was a great pity to leave it so soon.

    Maria and Ariana, Russia

  • Family London Students: 2016
    I like the teachers - they are really good. And we can meet with people from other countries... and we like the projects because we have to get into pairs.

    Trinidad, Bernadita, Pedro and Filipe - Argentina

  • Radley Student: 2015
    The atmosphere at Discovery Summer is very friendly. Teachers in Russia are very strict but teachers here are very kind. I have made so many new friends and we are all going to come back next year to see one another again. We all agree that there is something for everyone here - I am not very sporty but I tried archery this year and I loved it! I am going to try and have lessons back at home now.

    Victoria, Russia

  • Student Host: 2012-2016
    Staff Runner: 2017
    Being a Student Host has considerably developed my communication and leadership skills and has highlighted the importance of being proactive, all of which have been useful throughout my school career and have provided me with a solid foundation for entering into employment. I have found working with the students rewarding in terms of learning about different cultures and I am still in touch with many of the students that I have met through the Discovery Summer programme.

    Gwyneth, UK

  • Radley Teacher: 2014-2016
    Senior Teacher: 2017
    I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment working at Discover Summer; the focus on high quality teaching and maximising the students' experiences is second to none. I have found myself improving immensely in a range of professional areas every year, and wanting to take things further in the next.

    Richard, UK

  • Winchester Student: 2016
    (Advanced Exam Skills)
    I improved my English most in Advanced Exam Skills classes as they are designed for this. We had a lot of speaking practice and we did language work. She listened to us and told us which mistakes we made and she helped us get rid of them. Sometimes hard to concentrate but these classes were the best for improving my English.

    Leander, Germany

  • Student Host: 2011-2016
    Staff Runner: 2017
    In my 6 fantastic years as a Discovery Summer student host, I have met so many wonderful people, staff and students alike. My people skills have greatly improved through meeting people from other cultures and backgrounds. Most importantly, the role is extremely enriching and fun!

    Joel, UK

  • Student Host: 2012-2014
    Activity Leader / Tennis Coach: 2015-2017
    Having worked at Discovery Summer for 5 years now, I really feel like I've become part of a family... As a student host I had the amazing opportunity to meet so many new people (many of whom I'm still friends with now), whilst becoming more responsible as a person. The experience allowed me to easily transfer to an Activity Leader/Tennis Coach role... The memories and friends I've made at Discovery Summer are incredibly special, and the experiences gained by working here are invaluable. I can't wait to come back next summer!

    Richard, UK

  • Student Host: 2013-2017
    Discovery Summer has connected me with a much wider range of people from countless nationalities. I have made friends for life, all of which I keep in regular contact with. The student host scholarship has made me more confident in public with different types of people, and this will, without doubt, help me later in life. I have been a student host since the age of 12, so this would be my fifth year running of hosting. Each year I take part, I enjoy my time with discovery summer more than the last, and consequently, I will be looking to apply as an Activity Leader in due course.

    Alistair, UK



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