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Day Courses

Day centres

Our short, intensive summer courses combine learning with a great 'British' experience. You'll be learning new skills, trying new activities and enjoying new experiences - in English. You'll discover talents you never thought you had!
We want you to enjoy getting to know our country and to make new friends from Britain and all around the world.

Why choose us - residential
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Our programmes maximise every opportunity for improving your English.

Through active classes, team-work and a range of engaging topics, you'll develop accuracy, fluency and confidence, helping you to communicate naturally.

Our multinational classes encourage you to speak English all the time and you will be able to improve your colloquial English with our English Student Hosts!


Coming to England is an exciting adventure. To get the most from your stay we want you to feel happy, safe and secure.

You will be looked after by your course director and supported by your house parents. They care for you, look after you if you are unwell and administer any medication. Help is available 24 hours per day.

We have designated First Aiders and at some centres visiting nurses. There is easy access to nearby medical centres or Accident & Emergency departments.

There is a 24-hour emergency phone for parents and students to call if necessary.

Staff/student ratio at least 1:4 overall.


Boys and girls are accommodated separately. We normally place you in a bedroom with students from other countries. Where we offer single rooms, we mix nationalities in corridors. There is a personal laundry service once or twice a week. Our staff also live in the boarding houses.

We provide a healthy range of food that includes typical English meals and international food.


Our staff are carefully selected and trained to ensure a high level of professionalism

Our teachers are all appropriately qualified

Many of our staff return year after year - some for 10 to 15 successive summers

Our small Head Office team is always available to answer your questions and solve problems quickly both before and during the course.


The Discovery Summer experience is about maximising opportunities for making new friends, improving your English and trying new activities. To benefit from this, we limit the time you can spend on your mobile phone. Phones may not be used in class, during activities or at meal times. Restrictions vary according to age and centre. See joining instructions for details.


Student Hosts

Our English Student Hosts are the same age as you and come from all over the UK. They are carefully selected for their friendliness, confidence and interest in making new friends from all around the world. Learn colloquial English and improve your fluency by socialising with our English Student Hosts and working with them in class. You'll find out about British popular culture, slang and how we do things. Many Student Hosts come back year after year, so they can also help you settle into your daily routine at Discovery Summer.


British Culture

When people think of Britain they may think of the Royal Family, cricket, fish and chips or a traditional afternoon tea but there is much more to learn! Throughout your stay, you'll be experiencing authentic British culture every day.


You'll be amazed at the range of activities, sports and entertainments we offer!

Multi-activity sessions offer a choice of sports, arts and creative activities and vary centre to centre every day. Some are challenging, some teach you new skills, some are simply fun. Most evening activities involve all the students and are great fun. We also offer an exciting range of excursions on two days a week.


We offer a professional and friendly 'Meet and Greet' service.

Airport transfers by coach or taxi are included in the fees on published arrival and departure dates for flights scheduled to arrive/depart between 09.00 and 16.00 hours from/to specific airports.

Once you have collected your luggage you will come out of the Customs Hall and see one of our airport representatives holding a Discovery Summer sign with your name. Coaches/taxis leave at regular intervals to take you to your centre.

On departure, we check you in for your flight and see you through to departures.

Airport transfers by coach or taxi are included in the fees on published arrival and departure dates for flights scheduled to arrive/depart between 09.00 and 16.00 hours from/ to specific airports (see here for details).

Special private transfers (at extra cost) can be arranged at any other time and from any other airport.

We recommend you book your flights as early as possible.