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Over many summers Discovery Summer has been increasing eco awareness amongst students and staff.
We are asking everyone to contribute their ideas to help us take our policy forward in 2023.


In 2022 we offset nearly 300 metric tons of CO2 generated by flights for our residential students and staff.

Through our carbon offset partnership with Sustainable Travel International we supported a range of initiatives around the world.

Trocano Araretama Conservation Project

The Trocano Araretama Conservation Project is protecting a large area of the Brazilian Amazon that is projected to suffer from extensive deforestation over the next two decades. The funds from carbon offsets will prevent the destruction of this critical ecosystem and conserve the biodiversity. It is also boosting local standards of living by creating alternative economic opportunities for local communities and improving basic services such as healthcare, education, and waste and water systems.

Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve

This project is conserving a peat swamp forest in Indonesian Borneo that was slated for conversion to palm oil plantations. Along with protecting this carbon rich ecosystem, the project supports the reintroduction of critically endangered orangutans into their wild habitat. By addressing issues such as poverty, hunger, and disease, the project is tackling the root causes of deforestation while improving local livelihoods.

We look forward to teaching our students about this project and other environmental issues in the summer.

Trocano Araretama Conservation Project
Rimba Raya - Library School Kids
Portrait of Proboscis Monkey
Rimba Raya


Discovery Summer is working with all its host centres/ suppliers in regard to improving e.g. recycling, avoidance of waste, improving all aspects of procurement processes.


Discovery Summer will reduce use of single use plastics whenever within our control (e.g. by continuing to provide free reusable water bottles at all residential centres)

Our brochure is printed in smaller quantities each year. It is 100% recyclable.