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General English

1:1 classes

45 mins/per lesson.
Select the time that suits you!

£45/lesson (min. 2 lessons)

2:1 classes

45 mins/per lesson.
Maximum 2 students per class.

£60/lesson (min. 2 lessons)

English for School 1:1

45mins/per lesson.

£55/lesson (min. 2 lessons)

Exam Preparation (IELTS / Cambridge) 1:1 Classes

60 mins/per lesson.

£60/lesson (min. 2 lessons)


✔ Free diagnostic session - identify your learning goals

✔ Tailor-made programme to meet your needs

✔ Choose a package that suits you
(recommended 2 lessons/week)

✔ Interactive lessons make learning exciting - e.g. podcasts, videos, games and more!

✔ Weekly self study tasks + detailed academic report (on request)


Thank you for these 11 weeks of excellent English lessons at Discovery Summer Online. The teachers are professionals with very good pedagogic skills. They make my girls more confident and fluent in English.

Marie-Annick, Paris

I am currently preparing for the IELTS exam. I am extremely satisfied with the course. My teacher is very friendly and time flies during my lessons. Moreover, all of the lessons are aimed at improving my weak points, so that I have good chances of obtaining a high score. Finally, the organisation is terrific, as everything is carefully planned in order to avoid any waste of time. I feel confident that I'll be very well prepared on the day of the exam!

Giuditta, Italy

I started online lessons with Discovery Summer two years ago. I've done two lessons per week, in which I've learned a lot of new things. Thanks to the lessons, I took the B1 Cambridge PET exam and got a top score of 167/170. I'm now working towards the B2 exam.
Following my online lessons, this summer I decided to join one of the summer programmes at Radley. I stayed for two weeks and had a great programme of lessons and activities and entertainments. I've now restarted my online lessons and I'm looking forward to really interesting lessons and returning to Radley again next year.

Federico, Italy

I like studying English online with Discovery Summer because in our lessons there are very interesting questions and topics, and in the lessons, I can learn something new and I have the best teacher in the world.

Anastasia, Russia


Young Learners




Our teachers will help you progress quickly. Some of our most popular lessons include:

✔ Phonics and reading skills - read confidently in English!

✔ Develop your writing skills, improve your spelling

✔ Build confidence in literature and language work at English speaking schools

✔ Exam booster e.g. Cambridge exams PET, FCE - build your vocabulary, increase your scores

✔ Refresh your knowledge and get ready for the new academic year - impress your teacher when you go back to school!

✔ Critical thinking, debate, presentation skills

✔ Exam preparation e.g. IELTS, TOEFL - be ready for academic and future success!

✔ Professional English skills for business and travel

✔ Communicate clearly; improve your pronunciation


    ✔ Good internet connection

    ✔ Learning platform e.g. Skype, Zoom

    ✔ Webcam

    ✔ Headset (or headphones/speaker & microphone)


My name is Leonora, but everyone calls me Leo. I was born and grew up in London. I am the Academic Manager at Discovery Summer, I hold a Master's Degree in Applied Linguistics and DELTA.

I have been teaching adults and young learners for over twenty years and I'm passionate about helping learners build confidence in using English.

Online lessons are an exciting learning tool and I love designing interactive lessons and learning programmes. I'm also experienced in teaching exams e.g. PET, FCE, IELTS, TOEFL.

I'm looking forward to finding out about your learning goals and needs, and to help you express yourself confidently so you are ready for academic and future success!

My name's Kathy, and I'm a DELTA qualified senior English language teacher at a public centre in southern Spain, although I was born and grew up in London.

I have been teaching adults and young learners for over 25 years, covering general English and teaching and administering Cambridge ESOL exams (PET, FCE, CAE and CPE) and Trinity GESE and ISE exams.

I am particularly interested in learner independence; helping students actively incorporate learning strategies to promote their confidence as users and continue to grow in the language.

Hi! My name is Prem. I've been teaching adults and young learners for about 15 years and have lived and worked in six different countries. I have settled in central Italy in a beautiful small town by the Tyrrhenian coast, where the weather is often good, and the food is always delicious.

I hold a Master's Degree in Teaching English, a DELTA, and specialist qualifications in teaching children and teaching online. Throughout the years I have done many jobs related to English teaching: I have been a teacher, a Director of Studies, an examiner, a conference presenter, or a teacher trainer. I have worked for Discovery Summer on various summer programmes as a teacher and Director of Studies since 2010 and am excited to be able to do so online as well.

I believe that an ideal student is the one who doesn't need me anymore. Why? Because they have achieved their goals and learnt to communicate and be independent in their given context. For this reason, I encourage learner autonomy as my role is to help the students learn - but they have to do the learning themselves!

Hello! I am Anca and I have been teaching English to young learners, teens and adults all over the world. I teach a wide variety of classes ranging from general English to exam preparation for Cambridge suite and other exam boards. I am also a teacher trainer and I'm excited about the possibilities that online lessons offer for a quality learning experience.

I have been a part of the Discovery Summer 'family' for 7 years now and every summer I love teaching learners from all around the world each summer. I am a passionate language learner myself, and I became a teacher to share my love for learning languages, to help people to better communicate in English and come together to celebrate our cultural diversity and identity.

I'm excited about meeting you and helping you recognise your personal and professional goals!


1. Email [email protected] to register interest so we can prepare your tailor-made learning proposal.

2. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions for Online Learning