The Young Learner


In May 2020, in conjunction with Alsama ('sky/hope' in Arabic), Discovery Summer launched a pro bono online English programme for 200 Syrian refugee children in three camps in Lebanon (Shatila, Burj & Bekaa).



Over 6 months, 15 Discovery Summer teachers delivered virtual lessons from their homes from as far apart as Australia, Greece, Spain, Portugal and the UK. These children and young adults made incredible progress, gaining invaluable skills to communicate in English with the outside world - hence opening up exciting new educational opportunities for their futures.

Students "I used to sit at home all day being very sad and depressed. I love studying. I want to become an international lawyer....."
Safa, 16 years

"It is a real pleasure to see the Alsama children and young women so committed to learning English. They turn up on time with their homework done. The teachers from the Discovery Summer school are fantastic. They get the best out of each student."
Kadria Hussien, Director, Alsama Centre Shatila

Give hope. Offer new horizons. Empower young people.