The Young Learner

14-17 years : Pre-University

Pre-University - a challenging programme to help you prepare for future university and career choices.


Winchester Levels

Upper-intermediate to proficiency
(CEFR B2 - C2)


12 July - 2 August 2021 (1, 2 or 3 weeks)

22.5 hours

Covid Safe


Winchester College lies just outside the historic walls of Winchester. Founded in 1382, it is one of Britain's leading academic independent schools. The founder went on to set up New College, Oxford. The historic buildings offer a tranquil environment in private secluded grounds.

Winchester is 100km south west of London and approximately 1.5 hours by road from London Heathrow and Gatwick.

The College has impressive facilities including a theatre, playing fields, cricket and football pitches and tennis.

Lessons take place in and around the College e.g. at the nearby Pilgrims' School and in the Cathedral Close, a five-minute walk away. A highlight of each week is our disco held at Winchester University.

View towards Winchester College


  • Live and study in one of Europe's most beautiful, historic cities. An ideal, peaceful location for learning
  • A challenging programme to prepare more advanced students for future university and career choices
  • Explore local historic landmarks (e.g. Winchester Cathedral, Wolvesey Castle) as part of your cultural experience
  • Discuss university and career pathways with our staff mentors
  • Develop leadership skills through a range of after-class activities (e.g. student council, charity committee, leadership club)
  • Two-week intensive IELTs exam preparation - each year our students gain impressive results - opportunity to take the IELTS exam
  • Enhance your critical thinking skills
  • Deliver effective presentations, speaking in English with fluency and confidence.

Isabella, Germany

I heard about Discovery Summer from a friend and she said it was so good that I decided to come. The campus is really impressive, the facilities are great and I cannot believe how much my spoken English has improved - I feel much more confident when I speak now. I definitely want to come again. My favourite excursion was to Bath - it was such an interesting place and I loved learning a bit more about British history and culture.

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Javier, Spain

I came back because last year was so good and I wanted to repeat the experience. I took my IELTS exam yesterday and hope to have scored well. There was a really good mix of nationalities and I've made new friends from Italy and Turkey. I knew the English Student Hosts from last year. It was great to be with them again!.

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Kristina, Russia

It was my first time with Discovery Summer and I'm happy to say that I got a wonderful experience here. All majors and minors were dedicated to help us with one of the most important choices in our life: our choice of future career. I'm planning to study International Relations at university, that's why I decided to do correspoinding majors (International Relations and Economics & Business Studies) in Winchester. Without any doubts I can say, that these classes helped me and I became sure of my choice. It's also necessary to mention that minors (Philosophy, Creative Writing, Debating) gave me an opportunity to practice some general skills.

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Lots of opportunities to
experience British culture
and speak English with our
English Student Hosts! Free airport transfers from Heathrow and Gatwick


  • 22.5 hours' tuition per week split between Majors (13.5hrs), Minors (6hrs) and Workshops (3hrs)
  • Select one Major and one Minor per week
  • Maximum class size: 16 international students
  • Specialist tutors bring complex subjects to life
  • Weekly interactive lectures from guest speakers
  • Weekly Workshops enhance the academic programme e.g. international trade simulations, green solutions competitions.
Guest Speaker
Guest Speaker: Leadership in C21st
Film Making
Film Making


Students select 1 Major + 1 Minor per week from the following (click a heading below for more details):

Business & Economics

  • Understand Economic principles for everyday life, society and successful business.



Modular 1, 2 or 3 week course


The focus of this major is on understanding principles, not theories. It is designed to appeal to those who already have some knowledge of the subject as well as those who are new to it.


  • Week 1: Economic Principles for Everyday Life
    Analyse key ideas (e.g. value, the inevitability of choice, trade and wealth) linked to economic thought in the 21st century and explore how to apply them to your everyday life.
  • Week 2: Economic Principles for Society
    Use fundamental economic insights to understand how society works. Apply these insights to making sound decisions about savings, inflation and economic growth.
  • Week 3: Economic Principles for Successful Business
    Understand what makes a successful business. Carefully develop and convincingly present a business plan, as you compete against other groups for the 'Winchester Business Achiever' award.

Skills & Outcomes

  • Understand new ways of analysing and making sound Economic decisions
  • Simulation models offer numerous leadership opportunities
  • Discuss and express core Economic principles effectively

Film Making

  • As part of a small creative team, explore and apply different techniques, skills and theories to create a short film.


1 week programme


Led by our experienced industry professional, you'll work in small groups to create a variety of film types, such as documentaries, silent films and promotional videos. This programme is ideal if you'd like to explore film production or for those with experience gain in depth industry insight.


Work together in small, multinational teams to create a script, develop a storyboard, choreograph, perform in, film and direct a short piece of film.

Skills & Outcomes

  • Explore Film analysis and apply the theory to your own short film
  • Having explored composition exercises and tasks, select and use the best camera angles
  • As you develop directing skills, apply knowledge of camera-angles
  • Showcase your short film to the school and explain how such impressive results are achieved.

International Relations

  • Explore theories and analyse case studies which illuminate the significance of International Relations in understanding today's global issues.



1,2 or 3 week programme


A challenging programme for the next generation of leaders and decision makers. Classes are designed to help you explore the interdisciplinary nature and application of international relations while looking at some of the most pressing issues facing the world today - economic, social, political and environmental.


Collaborate in small international groups to research key areas (e.g. conflict resolution, human rights, social movements) and present articles to your class.

Research and analyse modern media for information e.g. websites, blogs, reports and improve your understanding of source analysis

Numerous opportunities to work with your international peers and English Student Hosts means that this Major is not just a simulation, but a real exercise in internationalism.

Skills & Outcomes

  • Learn how to analyse and research media content and identify 'fake news'
  • Become confident in diplomacy through debating and defending your ideas
  • Develop specialist terminology to effectively communicate key issues and principles.


  • Learn how to become a disciplined stage performer and gain enormous confidence.



Modular 1, 2 or 3 week course


Work with our experienced tutor exploring the history of drama through a range of dramatic genres such as Comedy, Tragedy and Melodrama. Develop techniques to enhance your on-stage presence and improve your off-stage skills. The programme has been designed for those who may be acting on stage for the first time, whilst also stretching and challenging those with previous acting experience.


Incorporating newly-learned techniques (blocking, the art of exaggeration, narration) you will be working with others to devise a piece. Whilst there are scripts to work from, there will be lots of opportunities to develop your own material.

Skills & Outcomes

  • Gain confidence in presentation skills for all situations
  • Improve your expression to convey a variety of messages
  • Focus on rhythm, pronunciation, stress and intonation
  • Perform weekly, to great acclaim, in the school theatre in front of a wide audience

IELTS/Academic English

  • Develop exam strategies and techniques for achieving your highest potential; focus on improving your study skills.


1,2 or 3 week programme (week 1 & 2 only for IELTS)


Our intensive IELTS preparation course focuses on all the main language skills and exam techniques needed to prepare you for this internationally recognised exam, essential for university entrance.

Regular past paper practice and feedback from our experienced tutor helps you develop effective exam technique. Some students take the exam whilst with us, other focus on developing core exam skills, with a view to taking the exam later.


Once you have understood the IELTS format and time constraints, there will be extensive practice of all parts of the exam (reading, writing, listening, speaking). Learn how to approach and answer the written paper efficiently and take every opportunity to practise the speaking paper with English teenagers, our English Student Hosts.

Skills & Outcomes

  • Develop your essay writing skills
  • Improve your range of grammar and vocabulary to express yourself in an academic context
  • Improve your reading skills
  • Understand what examiners are looking for in an effective communicator.


Once a week you will have the opportunity to sit a shortened version of the IELTS exam. Our IELTS tutor will then give you individual and group feedback to ensure you focus on key areas. Optional: IELTS exam may be taken on 25 July, subject to availability and at extra cost (approx. 180.00 GBP). Exam booking must be made through IELTS. For more detailed information about how to book the official IELTS exam, please click here

Advanced STEM

  • Work with a science specialist to solve intriguing, practical STEM problems either independently or collaboratively. Learning takes place in a Design and Technology classroom.


Modular 1, 2 or 3 week course


Work with our science specialist as you apply evidence-based thinking strategies. Use the science of mechanics to solve some practical problems faced by engineers.


  • Apply scientific and mathematical knowledge to solve complex problems of construction
  • Investigate the measurement of time through hands on collaborative tasks e.g. clock making
  • Analyse and explore Newton's laws of motion e.g. building miniature medieval launchers

Skills & Outcomes

  • Develop your understanding of challenging mathematical and scientific theories
  • Enhance analytical thinking strategies and apply theory to practice
  • Demonstrate to the school your evidence-based thinking process and share your conclusions in an engaging multi-media presentation.


Creative Writing
IELTS Speaking & Listening
Cultural English
Digital Photography
Applied Maths

International Relations
Academic English


  • Activities include art & design, music, sport and team challenges - all of which encourage students to explore British culture, learn new skills and develop confidence
  • 2 excursions per week e.g. Bath (Fashion Museum, Roman Baths), Corfe Castle, London (architectural workshop, West End musical), Oxford (college visit, guided walking tour, punting), Thorpe Park.
  • PLUS: Lots of opportunities to practise English with our English Student Hosts.


  • Spacious, comfortable bedrooms with 1-6 beds and shared bathrooms. As Winchester is an historic, traditional, boys' school do not expect 5 star accommodation!
  • Close supervision by resident staff
  • Meals are taken in the impressive 14th century, oak-panelled College Hall
  • Responsible students may go out in small groups on some afternoons to explore Winchester city centre
  • Full board
  • WiFi available (at specific times).
  • Find out more about Welfare and Accommodation

College Hall


Dates & Fees 2020
Course No. Arrival Date Departure Date Weeks Fees
29 Mon 12 July Mon 19 July 1 £1500
30 Mon 12 July Mon 26 July 2 £3000
31 Mon 12 July Mon 2 Aug 3 £4500
32 Mon 19 July Mon 2 Aug 2 £3000
33 Mon 26 July Mon 2 Aug 1 £1500

Room size: 1-6 | Hours' tuition/week: 22.5 | Max. class size: 16

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Included in the fees

  • All tuition and teaching materials
  • Student folder, academic report, DS certificate and course photo
  • DS reusable water bottle
  • Participation of resident English Student Hosts
  • Full board residential accommodation
  • Transport and entry fees on all excursions and study visits
  • Varied daily programme to cater for all interests and abilities
  • Close supervision by our resident staff
  • Personal laundry for machine washable clothes
  • Medical and Travel Insurance (see Terms & Conditions)
  • Airport transfers on published arrival/depart ure days for flights scheduled to arrive/depart between 09.00-15.00 from/to: Heathrow or Gatwick

NOT included in the fees

  • Transfers for those arriving/departing outside our free scheduled times on arrival/departure dates at the airports specified above
  • Courier fee (e.g. for visa invitation letter), if required, £50.


The Pre-University programme is designed for students who already have at least Upper-Intermediate (B2) level of English.

If you want to check your level before booking, take our quick online level check test.

Our Academic team will then notify you with the results and if the course would be suitable or other options we can offer.


Any questions?

Our small dedicated Head Office team are here to help: