Discovery Summer intensive English language courses


English language course + Multi-Activity

Intensive programmes designed to maximise every opportunity for improving your English. Plus a wide range of activities (sports, arts and crafts, film-making etc).

Radley 11-14, 14-17 years High Level

22.5 hours' tuition per week

Shrewsbury 11-16 years

21 hours' tuition per week

Woldingham 8-13 years

22.5 hours' tuition per week

Marymount 8-13 years High Level

20 hours' tuition per week

Sports & Tech Academy

An intensive programme for those who are passionate about sports or fascinated by technology. Students can choose one of the following options per week: tennis, golf, horse-riding, adventure sports, dance or tech academy: coding with Raspberry Pi.

Shrewsbury 11-16 years

15 hours' tuition + 12-15 hours' sports coaching/tech classes per week

Global Young Leaders

For intermediate to advanced levels. This innovative programme has been designed to help you develop core English skills and to prepare you for your future education.

Classes are divided into English Skills and Strand classes (Young Entrepreneur, STEM/Practial Science, Presentation Skills/Debate). All students study all four subjects over 2 weeks.

ACS Cobham 12-16 years

22.5 hours' tuition per week


For upper intermediate levels to proficiency. A challenging programme to help you prepare for future university or career choices. Each week you choose one Major and one Minor subject from e.g. Economics and Business, Creative Writing, Drama, Debating, Digital Photography, Film Making, Leadership Skills, IELTS/Academic English (optional exam at extra cost), International Relations, Practical Science.

Winchester 14-17 yearsHigh Level

22.5 hours' tuition per week